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Plano has always placed the highest priority on keeping its people safe and has earned the reputation as one of the safest cities in the USA. Let’s keep our city safe by:

  • Equipping Plano Fire-Rescue and the Plano Police Department with the necessary resources to continue to provide a high-level of service with low response times for our citizens.

  • Ensuring both Plano Police and Plano Fire-Rescue are able to obtain the highest level of training so all personnel are prepared to meet the changing needs of our citizens and to respond to new scenarios that may arise within our city. We should continue to place a high value on providing mental health training and resources and de-escalation techniques for all officers.

  • Supporting the hiring of a highly qualified Police force and Fire Department.

  • Backing Plano Fire-Rescue in their efforts to maintain the Insurance Service Officer Class 1 classification, which is used by insurance companies to determine premiums within our city.

  • Advocating for regular evaluation of population growth, population distribution and population demographics within our city to ensure that the City of Plano maintains appropriate coverage of fire service and police service to help keep our families, businesses and property safe. 

  • Promoting safety on our trails by working to add lighting to high-use areas and to expand the pilot of safety trail markers to more trails throughout the city.

  • Encouraging continued and increased usage of community policing and more opportunities for citizens to engage with and build positive relationships with police officers. 

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