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Current Elected Officials

Honorable Maria Tu

Honorable Duncan Webb

Former Elected Officials

Honorable Missy Bender

Honorable Jean Callison

Honorable Phyllis Cole

Honorable Andre Davidson

Honorable Jim Duggan

Honorable Lee Dunlap

Honorable Phil Dyer 

Honorable Pat Gallagher

Honorable Mabrie Jackson

Honorable Ron Kelley 

Honorable Mary Beth King

Honorable Sally Magnuson

Honorable Jim McGee

Honorable Angela Miner

Honorable Pat Miner 

Honorable James Muns

Honorable Florence Shapiro

Honorable Shep Stahl

Honorable Yoram Solomon 

Plano Firefighters Association 

Plano Police Association

Texas Realtors PAC 


Anisa Adem

Saadia Ahmed

Benjamin Anderson

Dan and Jeryl Andrews

Jeanine Alpert

Lisa Alvarez

Nathan and Alisha Barbera

Gordon and Joyce Beach

Jeff Beckley

Doug Bender

Carla and Chip Blickensderfer

Katy Brannen

Ron Bose

Mike Brodie

Cody and Hannah Brooks

Gerald and Geni Brooks

Alice Brooks

Mike and Teresa Bronsky

Don and Wendi Byerly

Roger and Sharon Byles

Glenn Callison

Audre and Warren Casteel

Cassie Clair

Dixie Clem

Mike and Kathleen Clunie

Amy Darrow

Warren Davidson

Whitney Digges

Judy Dishong

Deborah Doyle

Bob and Judy Drotman

Suzanne Drotman

Margaret Dyer

George and Marianne Elwell

Al Ely 

Meryl and Paul Evans

Fred Frawley

Brian and Sheila Gallagher

Ravi and Pooja Gaur

Ryan and Natalie Gebhart

Karima Ghoneim

Katherine Goodwin

Erin Gordon

Jan Greeson

Howard and Carole Greisdorf 

Jared Hagood

Derek and Vanessa Hall

Chayse Harvard

Darlene Hawfitch

Andrew Hoodwin

William and Alice Hobbs

Rich and Francille Holmer

Rick Horne

Brittany Huber

Robin Jacks

Marshall Jackson

Alan Johnson

Alex and Laura Johnson

Marvin and Jamee Jolly

Suzy Jones

Mona Kafeel

Graciela Katzer

Sharon Ketko

Dave King

Hilton and Laurie Kong

Jerry and Beverly Lancaster

Bill Lisle 

Lawrence and Anna Mann

Kimberly Martin 

Jeremy Matthews

Jenna Maynard

Dan and Leanne McCarty

Lori McMahon

Julian and Jenna McMillian

Judi McClain

Lynda McDevitt

Melody Michael

James and Teresa Miller

Jeff Mims

Sarah Morris

Betty Muns

Joa Muns

Ashley Nesbitt

Jessie Njoku

Karen Noble

Mariam Noor

Pete Patel

Sonali and Suranjan Pramanik

Linda and Craig Poole

Steve and Joann Prindle

Jessie Prince

Scott Prince

Marian Quibin

Frankie Ramirez

Cindy Ramsey

Bobby Ray

Dick and Dianne Rich 

Bart and Jenny Ridley

Nicole Ritter

LaShon Ross

Jan Rugg

Sherry Scott

Mike and Amie Siefert

Angie Sifferman

Blair and Tammy Simcox
Shelly and Cheryl Slough

Galen Smith

Raphael and Lark Smith

Sandeep Srivastava

Janet Stovall

Yogitha Tatineni

Mekedes Tegene

Dollie Thomas

James Thomas

Michael Thomas

Natalie Thornton Thrash

Justin and Codi Triesch

Frank Turner

Tom Venner

Mik Vineyard

Beth Webb

Heather Webb

Don Wendell

Jane Yancey

Steve Young

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