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Plano has always been a thriving and vibrant city that people have chosen to call home. Let’s keep Plano a place we all want to call home for years to come by:

  • Promoting reinvestment in mature neighborhoods to ensure the long-term health and integrity of our city’s housing stock.


  • Investing in the important infrastructure in and around our neighborhoods such as screening walls and sidewalks to help ensure they are well-kept, fresh and inviting.

  • Finding new ways to engage neighborhoods, especially those without a formal association.


  • Analyzing data from established programs like The Great Update Rebate to adapt programs based on community need and to increase effectiveness.


  • Building strong neighborhood identity and a sense of community through creative placemaking and the creation of unique gathering spaces in our neighborhoods.


  • Addressing underutilized four-corner retail and aging developments in a way that integrates well with existing nearby neighborhoods and helps enhance the entryways to Plano’s neighborhoods.

  • Encouraging the development of more diverse housing options to be built in Plano, such as bungalow style housing or other small single-story styles that are in high-demand within the City.

  • Promoting the use of high quality building materials, innovative design and the use of green space in all zoning cases that come before Council.

  • Adding new green spaces with distinctive character and weaving unique art elements throughout our parks and cityscape.

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