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The ability to move efficiently and effectively between home, work, school, and the places we enjoy spending time is a key component to maintaining a high quality of life for our citizens. Let’s work at improving mobility by:

Investing in our aging road infrastructure and placing a high priority on improving neighborhood streets.

Engaging leaders throughout the region in conversations about implementing a variety of innovative congestion alleviation measures, such as express bus services and synchronizing traffic signals.


Promoting partnerships between the City and local businesses that choose to help reduce traffic at peak times of the day by implementing flexible work hours, compressed work weeks or carpooling.


Supporting the use of public transportation throughout the city and region by increasing access to public transportation and by making the use of public transportation easier and more attractive. The City should work with DART to provide more convenient services to citizens such as additions to Go Link and on-demand shuttling.


Creating a more pedestrian and bike-friendly city by implementing wider sidewalks, additional trail connections, and more bike racks in strategic locations throughout the city, which will create safer and more convenient options for those who prefer a more walkable and bikable environment.

Passing transportation ordinances that will allow for new and innovative mobility solutions to be implemented in Plano, such as those that will allow for autonomous vehicles, people movers and aerial ridesharing.

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